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 Instructor Membership of TeamBlackBelt.Pro gives you unlimited access to a complete support programme for Martial Arts instructors and school owners, it includes hundreds of videos and downloads covering subjects from as wide ranging as martial games for children, eight years of lessons plans for Karate kids, through to school administration, business set up and structure. In short a complete support system for your school.


Included in Team Black Belt Pro is:-


Panda Tots:-  a complete video lesson plan for teaching tots from the age of 3 (these classes are adorable when done properly, and like herding cats when not).

Little Dragons, a complete video libruary for teaching 4 to 6 year olds the Team Black Belt way.

 Team Black Belt Karate Kids, The complete Karate Kids Syllabus, Eight, yes eight years of lessons week by week, taking students from 6 years to 14 years - Fully video supported.

 Team Black Belt Adults Karate the complete Team Black Belt Adult syllabus.

 Paediatric First Aid Video Programme.

 Stop Bullies Now. The complete Stop Bullies Now 10 Video 1 Hour programme. 

 Mat Chat Pro Mat chats for children’s classes, life skills and general safety skills lessons.

 Martial Games for children and big children!

 Team Black Belt Business Systems, help and support to help you run your school more efficiently.


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