How to Build a Black Belt Business

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Many Martial Arts Instructors have a desire to run a Martial Arts Club, School or Dojo. But whatever they call it, and however they regard it, when they open, they enter the world of business - a world for which many are unprepared. No Martial Arts Syllabus contains modules on ‘how to attract new students without wasting money on useless advertising’, or ‘how to plan to improve the retention rate of your students’, or on ‘the best options for collecting tuition fees’! This book is written to give you the knowledge your Syllabus missed out. It’s not a ‘how to sell out on your Martial Art Principles’ book, but, rather, it’s a ‘Business Lessons for the Martial Artist’ book, or, if you like… “How to Become a Black Belt in Business”. One thing is for sure, if you are going to enter the ‘World of Business’ it’s better for you to be a ‘Business Black Belt’, than a novice ‘Business White Belt’!